botany recycled envelope back
botany recycled envelope front

Botany Naturalist

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Being a budget 100% recycled stock and extremely porous, Botany needs quite a bit of moisture to activate the glue. It also needs a firm hand and a bit of patience to keep it stuck down. You may even want to place them under a weight until they're dry, or use glue tape to ensure a perfect seal.

Colour: NATURALISE by Botany
Texture: Recycled
Sizes: 190x130mm, SQ (150mm), DL (220x110mm), C5 (162x229mm), C6 (152x114mm)
Flap Style: iFlap
Weight: 115gsm

Features making this stock popular for so many applications include:
• 100% post-consumer waste recycled - addresses environmental concerns while providing a genuine recycled and industrial appearance.
• Raw and original finish provides a unique tactile appearance that is tough, durable & robust
• Milled in Australia
* PCF – Post Chlorine Free – paper made from recycled fibre that’s not been re-bleached with any chlorine-based bleach.

• Lick and stick to seal (although feel free to use a damp sponge
• Testing recommended for all printers